We have two dedicated demo trucks that are stocked with a fleet of the latest Road, Tri, Mountain and Cyclocross bikes. These trucks/trailers are driven by two, highly trained, Technical Sales Reps who work tirelessly to cover as many events as possible during the year. They travel to major races, festivals and consumer events all across the county to represent Felt Bicycles and our retailers.

They also do their best to add visits to support our dealers within your local markets whenever possible. We have found that meeting at a trailhead or a local park insures the greatest turnout and ultimately a better event. As you can imagine, it is impossible for us to satisfy every request, but we always try our best to work with our dealers to help support an event that is important to you. It really comes down to logistics and the timing of events around the country. If you look at our National Events Calendar you will see the major events we are attending and perhaps we can arrange a visit as we travel to/from the events that are closest to you.

The best way to get started is to use the following request form and submit it to the Ride & Believe team (be sure to include 2-3 dates that work for you). They will do their best to work it out with you and come up with a time that works for everyone.

Dealer Name:
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