Getting from point A to point B doesn’t have to be predictable. Felt Urban bikes are built with form, function and style. They are sophisticated and fun. Felt Urban bikes are engineered with a minimalist and functional design approach. Identifiable by an edgy and unmistakable aesthetic, each model blends authentic design with modern technology. In 2014 the Felt Urban line includes the popular Brougham and York models.

Look closely and you will see the Brougham is a direct descendant of our World Championship winning track bikes. It is equal parts style and substance, and features a sleek custom-butted 4130 cromoly frame crafted with quick, agile track geometry, an oversized downtube, bladed aero seat stays, a trimmed handlebar and deep V-section wheels. With a flip-flop rear wheel and NYC messenger-inspired features, the Brougham is the consummate skinny tire whip.

The York, Felt’s homage to the traditional English town bike, is crafted from 4130 cromoly steel and includes a touring style handlebar, riveted leather saddle, Sturmey Archer 2-speed kickback coaster brake rear hub, heat treated aluminum rims with high pressure tires, full length hammer finished fenders, and a wood-bottomed aluminum front basket to carry all the day’s treasures.

From elegant to edgy, minimalist to maximized, Felt’s Urban bikes are at home in any neighborhood.