Krystal Series

Krystal mountain bikes, another of Felt’s FITWoman® products, are proven off-road machines designed specifically for women. All design elements including frame configuration and component choice have been carefully selected based on the specific requirements of female cyclists.

Designed to hit the trails, or even a first race, the Krystal is built to satisfy every woman rider’s quest for off-road adventure. Available in four sizes, from 12” to 18”, the Krystal Series offers a perfect fit for virtually any shape or size. With its woman-specific geometry, every Krystal delivers superb handling in a wide variety of terrain. Whether riding dirt trails or more challenging singletrack, the comfortable riding position and neutral geometry combine to deliver a confident, precise ride every time.

All Krystal frames use premium 6061 aluminum tubing with specially engineered shapes designed for maximum torsional stiffness and vertical compliance. Felt uses modern hydroforming construction processes to shape the tubes for minimal weight and maximum performance. Versatile frame features such as rack and fender mounts are built into every Krystal Series bike. Each model is equipped with either disc brakes or V-brakes for strong stopping power in all conditions. Every Krystal bike features easy to use wide-range gearing and suspension forks that perform like those often found on bikes costing considerably more.

Finally, a truly capable off-road machine women riders can call their own. Whether you ride for fun, fitness, adventure or all of the above, the Krystal will carry you to new heights.
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