IA Series

Since our first Ironman victory over two decades ago, Felt has been developing innovative, aerodynamic, solo effort bikes. We have continually brought new ideas to rider positioning, efficiency and, above all, aerodynamics. Champion triathletes like Mirinda Carfrae and Andi Boecherer rely on Felt triathlon-specific bikes.

2014 marks a quantum leap in Felt’s triathlon offerings. With the addition of the new game-changing Felt IA—by far the fastest tri bike ever developed—Felt adds yet another chapter to its rich triathlon heritage. Built as a dedicated triathlon bike, unbound by road federation design limitations, the IA is a multisport purebred that includes every aerodynamic and mechanical advantage for tomorrow's triathlete, today.

The 2014 IA Series is the result of our never-ending commitment to design improvement. These bikes are our fastest and most advanced tri bikes ever. Each bike incorporates engineered tube shapes, highly advanced materials, and a host of revolutionary technology and design practices. Our engineering team uses powerful computational fluid dynamic software to develop designs in the virtual environment. From there we move to rapid prototyping, wind tunnel development, pre-production prototyping, and finally, real world testing. If at any point in the engineering process a new concept is not proven, we return to the previous step.

The genuine strength of Felt’s IA Series is not just wind tunnel data. In addition to the verified lowest drag coefficients in the sport, our bikes have superior ride quality and handling. No matter what the terrain or course pavement is like, Felt's triathlon bikes provide a performance advantage with better frame stiffness and ride comfort.  

Every Felt tri bike is outfitted with meticulously selected components, each chosen to offer the best performing, most aerodynamic bike in the world. On a Felt tri bike your bicycle is no longer an excuse; it's an advantage.