Nine Series

With cutting-edge frame technology and superior ride quality that has won over Felt’s professional cross-country racers, Felt’s Nine Series blends the surefooted handling characteristics of 29” wheels with race-bred performance. The Nine is our ultimate racing lightweight.

Since first introducing the Nine hardtails over six years ago, Felt has earned the reputation for “getting it right” among the most elite mountain bike riders. Getting the characteristics of a 29” hardtail exactly right in rider cockpit, weight distribution and center of gravity is difficult with bigger wheels and on smaller frames. This is where the Nine excels. Felt Nine provides no-compromise fit and performance, no matter which Nine model you are on.

Our Nine design criteria has remained clear: from geometry, to tube shapes, to rear triangle design, the Nine emerges in 2014 faster and more efficient than ever. Available in five sizes, the Nine is now a bike that fits one of the widest ranges of riders.

Top Nine models use Felt’s proprietary Modular Monocoque Construction (MMC) carbon fiber for world-class ride quality and performance. These models provide the perfect blend of lightweight liveliness and durability. Our aluminum models have the same quick handling and compliant ride. They are built to climb and handle just like their carbon fiber counterparts.

So whether a World Cup XC pro or XTERRA devotee, a Marathon specialist or a recreational rider, there is a 2014 Felt Nine that is just right for you.