Virtue Six Series

Felt’s Virtue Series is designed to combine the agility and performance of a cross-country bike with the stability and control of an aggressive trail bike. The Virtue offers riders a unique blend of versatility and performance unparalleled in the industry. Whether you are looking for an off-road race machine, or an all-purpose trail bike, the Virtue has it covered.

The 130mm travel Virtue is built around Felt’s award-winning Equilink system, which offers as much pedaling efficiency uphill as it offers trail taming suspension downhill. This makes for a bike as equally adept at winning enduro races as it does tearing up your local trails. You’ll benefit by beating your friends to the top and the bottom of any of your local trails.

Each Virtue is crafted to be as light and torsionally stiff as possible while also delivering a precise and confident feel. Engineers accomplished this by incorporating Felt’s ControlTaper headtube and top-of-the-line materials to the Virtue platform. Additionally, the geometry gives a more stable and efficient ride.

The Virtue Series features comes in two levels of framesets. The first comes in an alloy/carbon blend that features a hydroformed aluminum front triangle and carbon fiber rear; and the second is a full-carbon model, which is constructed with Felt’s most advanced materials and processes including Dynamic Monocoque Construction and InsideOut Internally Optimized Molding Process.

Each Virtue features custom-valved rear shocks to keep the suspension active. While many frame designs rely on platform damping to reduce unwanted suspension movement, Felt’s Equilink allows the shock to do its job without the rider influencing suspension performance.

This makes for a much livelier, faster, and overall more fun bike to ride.

Ride any trail with more speed, comfort and efficiency than you ever dreamed possible. Ride Virtue.