AR Series

The all-new 2014 Felt AR redefines aerodynamics for road bikes.

Five years in the making, it is the most aerodynamic road bike in the world. No other road bike comes close. Evolved from the original, already best in class Felt AR, the all-new 2014 Felt AR Series adds new meaning to the term “aero.”

Every available technical resource, including the latest computational fluid dynamics, rapid prototyping, wind tunnel testing and real world testing was used to develop a road bike with drag numbers previously seen only on TT/Tri bikes. Without exaggeration, it is a bike that will change every aspect of road cycling.

How much more aerodynamic is the new Felt AR? Neutral wind tunnel testing proves that the 2014 AR is 14.7% faster than the previous Felt AR and 28.7-31.1% faster (contingent on front brake selection) than a round tube, baseline road bike. That is a quantifiable energy savings and time advantage that no other road bike can match.

The new Felt AR has all the superb ride characteristics desired in a road bike; optimized geometry, stiff, lively responsiveness out of the saddle with rail-like cornering and descending. With the new Felt AR you do not have to sacrifice weight, stiffness or ride quality to gain an aerodynamic advantage. Superior, world-class ride quality is combined with a previously unavailable aerodynamic advantage.

As you would expect with any Felt, each AR is outfitted with a full complement of race-ready components, all designed to deliver your best performance ever.