Compulsion Series

The Compulsion is the pinnacle of performance. Built around the patented and proven Equilink suspension, and 150-160mm of fully active adjustable travel, the Compulsion is an all-mountain masterpiece. On Compulsion, anything is possible: tackle all the steep stuff, up and down, like you never thought possible.

At the heart of the Compulsion is Felt’s Equilink suspension. The unique and patented Equilink system provides full-range travel independent of drivetrain and braking influence. Just like the Virtue, pedal jack is a thing of the past. Your wheels stay fully engaged even over stutter bumps. You'll never have to feather the brakes so your suspension can work. The Equilink neutralizes negative forces so your suspension is in constant operation. Equilink eliminates the need for excessive compression damping that some bike makers use to mask their own suspension inefficiency. The result is uncompromising performance on an uncompromised bike.

With two models to choose from in 2014, one carbon fiber and one aluminum, the Compulsion is lighter, stronger and stiffer than ever. It is robust enough to take big hits, and agile enough to deliver high speed, rail-like performance. The Compulsion features premium quality links and hardware, honed pivot placement and workload-specific tube shapes with optimized geometry. Cartridge bearings ensure butter smooth suspension travel. Precision pivot axles provide necessary durability and strength.

Whether its chairlift runs, enduros or a little of everything, Compulsion puts the “all” in all-mountain.