Design Methodology


The introduction of a new Felt bicycle comes at the conclusion of a long, thoughtful, and rigorous process. The amount of time from initial concept development to a new bike’s arrival on the shop room floor can take years to complete. Sure, we could do things faster and cheaper. But there is good reason for this measured approach. Our goal is to produce the best bicycle possible, regardless of how long it takes.
The lifecycle of this design process varies from bike to bike and project to project. More complex endeavors such as full-suspension mountain bike frames or aerodynamic time trial machines spend extensive time in the development phase before the prototyping even begins. Meanwhile, carbon fiber road bikes and hardtail mountain bikes advance to the prototyping phase far faster, but then stay there for extended time until material selection and lay-up schedules are perfectly dialed. In all cases the goal remains the same: to achieve the perfect blend of technological innovation and material combination to achieve that lively feel that’s unique to every Felt bike.

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