NINEe Series

As with the QXe, when developing the NINEe series, it began with a vision of a genuine MTB built with an integrated electric motor. The central requirement was that the bike must maintain the same intrinsic Felt performance levels concerning stiffness, handling and lightweight performance, which have been Felt’s hallmark for years. With the introduction of the new BOSCH Performance Line motor, we knew this would be the perfect choice for the new FELT NINEe. 

A slightly longer wheelbase than on our regular Felt Nine Series was necessary to integrate the motor and keep the center of gravity where our engineers found it best suited. This slightly altered NINEe geometry is proven ideal for this bike and its all-day capability. It features our ControlTaper headtube and is built with hydroformed, double-butted maintubes. It is an agile, yet easy to control, lightweight and powerful MTB. It can be used on all kinds of terrain, single trails and tricky paths - YOU set the limit. And be assured: the strong, reliable torque of the BOSCH Performance Line motor will help you to push past anything you previously thought possible.

All NINEe components have been carefully selected with two simple things in mind: performance and reliability. Wheels, tires, drivetrain, suspension fork, steering and all other parts found on the NINEe help round out a MTB that knows few limits.