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Felt Bicycles - Cruiser Stitch Grips

Felt Bicycles - MP Saddle Bag

Felt Bicycles - Quick Brick Tire


The ultimate addition to customize your cruiser.  Choose from the motorcycle-style of the Vintage Low, the stealth of the Sporty, or blend in with the WWII grunts with the Canvas Classic. Add a pair of matching Felt grips for the pinnacle of upgrades.

Classic Cruiser Saddle - 600842/600843 (displayed as main picture above; please match the item names/numbers with the pictures to ensure that the desired part is ordered)

• Brown or Black Leather-Like Cover
• Heavy Duty Double Rear Spring

Vintage Low Cruiser Saddle - 950603

• Honey Brown Leather-Like Cover
• Diana Ross Springs
• Brass Rivets

Sporty Cruiser Saddle - 950604

• Black Leather-Like Cover
• Chrome Rear Rivets

Canvas Classic Cruiser Saddle - 950605

• Army Green Durable Canvas Cover
• Heavy Duty Double Rear Spring