QX EQ Series Women

The Felt QX Equipped line blends all of the comfort, durability and stable feel of a mountain bike with the speed and efficiency of a city bike. Ideal for everyday commutes or weekend trail rides, it is the perfect choice for variable terrain. Designed with a lightweight butted aluminum frame and reliable components, QX helps you enjoy the ride, wherever it might take you.

What sets the QX Equipped apart are the trekking specific accessories that make these bikes ideal on longer trips. By beginning with a standard QX, then carefully equipping each with just the right high-quality fenders, chain guard, rack and lighting system, a QX Equipped is a bike that places no limits on just how far you can go.  From a single day outing to a weekend trip or more, the QX is comfortable no matter what the journey is. These versatile and easy to ride bikes offer the durability of a mountain bike, the efficiency of a city bike, and the long-range capability of a true trekking bike. Their quick, smart styling and crisp ride quality make them perfect in so many situations.

With a wide range of men’s and women’s styles, including a full size selection and multiple color choices, there is a Felt QX Equipped for everybody.