VERZAe Series

Let’s face it: sometimes you are ready for a little help when pedaling your bike. To keep things enjoyable and insure that nothing will come between you and your destination, we have designed the new VERZAe electric bike series.

The VERZAe is a uniquely special product with broad capabilities. For years leading up to VERZAe introduction, our engineers worked closely with BOSCH, mapping out all the features, advantages, benefits and necessary technology in order for these to be exactly what Felt expected and what this new emerging consumer desired. By combining Felt’s 23 years of premier bicycle-making experience and the expertise brought by category leader BOSCH of Germany, we are confident in saying the VERZAe is an electric bike without peer.

The VERZAe combines stable geometry, design elegance and modern components that are rarely found in step through e-bicycles. The result is a fantastic urban machine suitable for comfortable commuting, recreation, grocery shopping, hauling kids in trailers and more. The VERZAe is a long-lasting transportation tool: a true alternative to driving. It is ready to replace motorized vehicles for so many uses.

The VERZAe has five performance settings ranging from “Off” to “Turbo”. Depending on the setting the motor offers an assist rate of zero (in the “Off” position) up to 250%. The battery life ranges from 2.5 to 3.5+ hours depending on size and workload. VERZAe is environmentally responsible with a low carbon emissions footprint of less than 1.9 grams of CO2/km. That is only 1/70th of the carbon emissions from a Toyota Prius. The Intuvia on-board computer monitors ride data including range, route, time, speed, battery life and more. It even has a USB port to charge your smartphone and other electronic device while on the road.

Change the way you move. Change to VERZAe.