Tk Series

In the purest of all cycling disciplines, Felt track bikes stand tall and alone. Ask 6x World Track Cycling Champion, Sarah Hammer and her teammates on the 2012 London Olympic medal-winning Team Pursuit squad. In the seven years since its introduction to the international racing community, Felt has become the most successful, most coveted track name available.

Just like our TT/Tri and AR lines, the category-leading TK1 was engineered using powerful Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software and extensive aerodynamic analysis. Once the materials were chosen, Felt engineers applied proven geometry to give the bike precise, track-specific handling. And, like all of our performance products, it is elite level athletes and competition that ultimately validate the final design.

Building a bike that can take the power output of a world-class sprinter and deliver the stability to handle G-forces from maintaining 40 MPH on a 45-degree bank requires the right engineering. That engineering is built into each Felt TK bike.

Whether selecting from one of our two marquee TK1 offerings—Sprint or Endurance—or our proprietary aluminum models, the proven, predictable race handling are all guaranteed. All Felt track bikes come ready to hit the banks with the right blend of components. Each features quality manufacturing like CNC machined dropouts and internally machined bottom bracket shells.

Find out why Felt track bikes have earned such a devoted following among a wide variety of fixed gear riders. Whether a World Champion or a Wednesday night local, Felt track bikes are the fastest way to slingshot to the finish.