The Beaumont is as much 1962 as black and white TV or microwave dinners. With classic black paint and chrome, and a gorgeous springer fork, the Beaumont looks like the cruisers you used to ride around the neighborhood as a kid. The sweeping frame and fenders give a stylish jet-age silhouette while the upright handlebars and spring saddle deliver a silky ride. The Beaumont will have you whistling down the block.
  • Beaumont - 3 speed - Classic Black
  • Felt design hydroform steel tank frame
  • Jerry Springer fork
  • 1-1/8" threaded headset
  • aluminum adjustable height quill stem
  • hi-rise cruiser bar
  • steel 44T chainring
  • Felt 32mm wide aluminum rims
  • Felt alumiunum 5 star hi-flange, semi sealed front hub
  • 3 speed Shimano coaster brake
  • 14g stainless spokes
  • 26 x 2.125 Felt Quick Brick tires
  • rear classic style rack
  • front battery operated head light